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Four 40 - Sales & Distribution in the past has often highlighted the fact that the sanitary napkins faced challenging situations in a straight-forward manner without any branding and marketing strategy. And, all the attempts failed to convince the customers that the product has feminine hygiene relevance! And, in such cases, unless there is a real cause to use as a peg, it is better to stay away from chasing one, even if it is the latest fad. Because Four 40 - Sales & Distribution was started to compete for a very specific category of health care product with many and huge competitors.

Four 40 - Sales & Distribution select us for giving the challenge of pursuing as a brand in the specific product category. Abasana Advertising provides 360 Branding for its product because to become part of the competitive and ever-changing business world and to maintain the existing business image business organizations have been continuously focusing upon introducing new branding practices and strategies. Abasana Advertising starts a journey with Four 40 - Sales & Distribution with fixing the brand name of their product and it is Simper. Further journey reflects as below listed;

Services Force:

Brand Naming
Creative Logo identity
Out-side branding (Vehicle branding, Hoarding, Social media branding)
Retail branding
Website design and development
Still, we are working together and make a strong path for the brand to reach a remarkable future.

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