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Belleza Cosmetics wanted to pursue brand positioning. As per the market research, Belleza Cosmetics had a vibrant product portfolio but seeking to capture a premium quality market. The core of product placement should be traced with a clear objective of rising mind value amid top cosmetic industry brands.

Abasana Advertising has bridged brand position by bringing in viscosity and synergy in all the tools of branding with the help of a promotional strategy. The promotional strategy consists of:

1. Brand name Temper & its logo creation,
2. Corporate Identity design,
3. Digitally social sites,
4. Conceptual product packages.
We also adopted a relevant pattern starting from base work itself. This made Temper (Belleza Cosmetics) secure seat of leading manufacturers in the cosmetic industry.

Belleza Cosmetics



Brand Identity Design

Brochure Design

Packaging Design

Artwork Design

Website Design

Other Project