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Trudot - an emerging FMCG brand of Gujarat having an exciting range of finger-licking, healthy and nutritious peanut butter flavors entrusted us with a job to create a refreshing and eye-catching packaging for its product range. We brainstormed, we discussed and finally, we came up with a vibrant set of packaging for all the different flavors with a mascot as a consistent element in all of them.

Whenever we think of Peanut Butter, our mind will be filled with an international brand and its packaging. So with Trudot Peanut Butter Packaging; the first thing we wanted to do was BREAK THE CONCEPTION. We wanted to convey the international standards of packaging and hygiene of an Indian brand. The mascot – a cute little squirrel is adding a ‘brand recall’ value, very smartly registers in the mind and also creates an active and sporty imaginary for the brand.

So here is the result! A refreshing take with a very urban appeal that without a miss will connect with the consumer.

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Creamy Peanut 1butter

Crunchy Peanut butter

Honey Peanut butter

Natural Ccreamy Peanut butter

Natural Crunchy Peanut butter

Chocolate Peanut butter


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