Branding & Advertising Agency in Gujarat


Milken, a renowned name in the wide segment of the dairy market in Gujarat, they were planning for a massive thrust to reposition itself into a large-scale manufacturer with rapid growth and expansion plan. Milken wanted to institutionalize within the industry whereby, they can make a difference by supplying milk and other dairy products that are just peerless and establish a corporate identity that is completely out of the box.
Abasana Advertising work as a brand development agency of Milken and just because of that Miken has been excellent till today as they know the pulse of a common people of Gujarat as well as modern youth. Certainly, it has helped that those responsible for keeping the Milken name in the public eye have used considerable imagination. In today's world, the brand name serves as a contract towards a common consumer. We did constantly review its marketing and branding strategy for Milken that it contracts with consumers never dishonored. It is also a fact that when Milken first thought of exposing as a brand to Gujarat, it was because of the loyalty of Milken customers who, even when far from home, still craved our taste of Milken.

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